Monday, May 21, 2012

An Artist's Getaway

I have been entranced by some beautiful (local!) homes and gardens and getaways, and I'd like to share some of my favorites. I haven't been to any of these, but I'd love to!

Beautiful Lakeside Cabins
Patterson Lake Cabins

Aren't these little cabins just amazing? They are affiliated with Sun Mountain Lodge. I've always wanted to plan an overnight trip after I had lunch with my mom there a few years back. The views are stunning! I'd love to be there even in the snowy season.

Magical Stucco-walled Garden in Seattle
This article is worth reading; the owner of this garden is amazing! She has a gift of seeing what 'could be.'

Lake Quinault Lodge (photo via
Doesn't this historical lodge just thrill you? It does me! And what about this cozy little beach cabin...feet from the water?

'The Boathouse' on Orcas Island 
I have a soft spot for stucco---and this winery looks like someplace where I'd love to hang out. They even have cooking classes in addition to the traditional lineup of winery tasting and accommodations:

Desert Wind Winery in Prosser

Where do you go to 'get away'? Do you travel in state? We have so much to see in Washington!
What has your favorite getaway been?  I was able to do a 'mini getaway' this past weekend with friends. It was heavenly, and close! Hopefully I'll share some pictures soon.




  1. I love seeing beautiful places like this that are located in my backyard! Thanks Alexis! Time to plan my next getaway!

  2. I was going to add-check out this amazing inn/spa located near the Gorge Ampitheatre: It's also a winery! Would love to stay here and then head to a concert at the Gorge. Looks absolutely gorgeous!


  3. WOW. That place looks so insanely cool!!!!! It is now on my short list of 'places to go' in WA. :) Thanks, Aubree!

  4. I just read your blog and I agree there are so many fun beautiful things to see and do here. We just did the coolest thing with our kids on our way to San Fransisco. It is not in Wa but close in OR. We stayed at Out n About Treesort, where we slept in a luxury tree house that swayed with the wind as we fell asleep. The resort was more glamping than resorting, but more glamorous than just camping. We had to take suspension bridges and spiral staircases to our tree house 45 ft up the tree and our luggage was brought up by a pulley. You could zip-line right to the deck of the tree house. It was so much fun for our kids and included a delicious home cooked breakfast in the lodge. There is a National Monument the Oregon Caves very close by and that was a fascinating excursion through those. It is funny we have taken our kids all over, cruises, European vacations, extravagant resorts in Hawaii, Mexico, zip lined above the treeline at the top of a mountain all the way down to the ocean in Honduras, diving, surfing,luxury ski vacations and as we walked away from the tree house they said it was one of the funnest things they had ever done. I Love these great tips, by the way and Salish lodge is a fun getaway also.

  5. Wow! You've had some amazing experiences with your kids! I'm adding Out n About Tree(fort?) to my bucket list. That would be so rad. Yes, RAD. :) Thanks for your comment!