Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Olive Us; The Biting Is Free

Oh my. What a morning.

It's just such a great story that I MUST share it or I will burst.

I have been anticipating the launch of my friend Gabrielle Blair's new video series.  Yes, I said friend. We're tight. Okay, I met her at the Mom 2.0 conference, and we are likely only categorized as acquaintances, but in my little mental happy world we are friends, okay? No really.

Right. So, she is doing this new video series with her family, and it is PRECIOUS. (you can have your kids watch it with you! It's made with them in mind!) It's short and so sweet. Take a look:

Olive Us Episode 1: Garden Day from Olive Us on Vimeo.

SO CUTE, RIGHT? I love, love, LOVE the music. I highly recommend also watching the clip below too (Ben Blair, Gabrielle's husband, explaining the reason that they are doing this series). Also, you won't understand why this little anecdote is funny unless you do. I'll wait. :)

Olive Us Aims with Ben Blair from Olive Us on Vimeo.

Now imagine, for one moment, that while my children are watching said video above that I walk 12 steps into the kitchen to grab my six-year-old's lunch to put in her backpack.

The current sound track was Ben Blair saying something about "teaching our kids to be kind and loving brothers and sisters"...and I was thinking, Yes, I've done that. Good job, me.

Honestly, I was having one of those warm and fuzzy moments in my heart, where I was reveling in the kind and loving sister-moment that I had just seen seconds before as they huddled next to the screen watching the Blair kids happily plant in their garden...interjecting a few sweet comments like 'That's Baby June!' (that's from my two year old who is happily aware that June and she are the same age) and 'We planted tomatoes in our garden too!' and 'Look at them pull weeds like we do!'. 


The little darlings.

And after that ten seconds of fantasy land, as I was walking back with lunchbox in hand, I hear a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM.

Followed immediately by wailing.  LOUD WAILING. Somehow in the wail are the words


(Imagine me gesticulating wildly with a lunchbox flopping around my head: What the HECK?!)

I don't know. Apparently my children will benefit from the Olive Us video series just as much as the hooligans down the block.  Is it normal for two year olds to switch from biting-my-sister-face-to-innocent-little-pout in less than two seconds flat?

Don't answer that.

Make me feel better, please? Have your children ever done something totally out of the blue? When you thought you were doing a bang-up job? Tell me about it.



P.S.  You can subscribe to the Olive Us series here. I can't wait to see the next episode! I'm going to buy a muzzle for the viewing. Or maybe a popsicle would work.

P.P.S. Well done, Gabby! Well done.


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  2. Good work, mama. Totally normal.

  3. Too funny! Sibling love, always touching, eh? ;-)