Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lola's Fandango

Another one of my passions: children's books! And boy, do I get a chance to indulge in that with my two daughters. They are both fully in love with books, and I could not be happier. It is a challenge to keep up with their "mommy I need more books" requests---we go to the library once a week, and that is barely enough.

I also love to have great books that they can own to read and re-read. I was so thrilled to have Nancy Traversy from Barefoot Books hand me a book at the Mom 2.0 Summit recently.  "Take it home to your kids," she urged me over the book table where I was fawning over everything. I was thrilled. Did I say that before? Thrilled.

The book was a colorful hardcover called "Lola's Fandango".
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I love music, and the title snagged MY interest right away, not to mention the beautiful illustration on the cover.  When I got home, it was one of the first gifts into the girls' hands out of my suitcase, and the CD that we discovered inside the back cover was popped into the player the next morning at breakfast.

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It was a BIG hit!

The narration and music is lovely, and the illustrations are magical. The text is displayed rather inventively on each page, and adds a fun twist to the experience.

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I especially enjoyed the references to dancing shoes (what girl doesn't LOVE shoes?!) and a beautiful fandango costume. The feeling of the storytelling is very real, and I can easily see how my six-year-old identifies with different aspects of the plot (being told that you are too young to do something you want to do, admiring her older sister's long flowing hair, practicing something that you aren't already good at, etc.)

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You can see more about this book and others here, and even watch this cute little video about the making of the narration CD.

Thank you Nancy! I can't wait to see what other adventures Barefoot Books has in store for my family. Please check out their wonderful site. It has so many wonderful books!



 ****Full Disclosure: I did receive the book Lola's Fandango as a gift (thanks again, Nancy!), but the opinions above are certainly my own. 

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